Twitter for Advertisers : New stars. New homes. Renewed championship mentality. The NBA season begins Tuesday, October 19th.

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Twitter for iPhone : What a week!!!

Jasmine Moore hits Olympic Standard in LJ.

Noni goes 19’6 and 43ft

Brianna Brand goes 19’7 into headwind

Madison Morgan wins her district meet in extraordinary fashion.

Adam Axelrod with a SB at 23’4”

Plus we had 3 Seniors sign NLI this week!

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Twitter for Android : 🥎 Berry Softball beats Sewanee 10-1 and 9-1 to open their SAA slate...

Here's how Game 1 ended, courtesy of a Madison Morgan 💣

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Twitter for iPhone : Practice is going to be quiet without yall (Mia & Brya specifically) 😢 These next groups have some big shoes to fill. 2021 is the 🐐 Class

De’Anna Jasmyn Reece Noni Brianna Brand AB🦋 zoë Abby Klipstein Madison Morgan Adam Axelrod

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