SocialFlow : More than 10 million jobs are open in the U.S. Why is it so hard to fill them? Health concerns and built-up savings are making many workers choosier. As a result, workers have leverage, arguably for the first time in decades.

Twitter for iPhone : As Labour Weekend nears let’s remember we’re we’d be without the rest home workers, cleaners, supermarket workers, hotel workers & rubbish truck drivers. All of whom are essential workers yet somehow are paid the minimum wage or just above.

Twitter for Android : My daughter is in college and has applied to a grocery store, & 2 big box stores with no callbacks. They don't want to hire. They want to get by with skeleton crews, & give the implication they need help. Meanwhile, employees are told to do more w/less.

Twitter Web App : The govt is set to announce £9.50 as new minimum wage: not nearly enough. Workers at Sage Nursing Home & millions around the country want an end to poverty pay. Our members are taking to the picket line. Watch them in action+support them here!👇…

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Twitter for iPhone : There’s not a labor shortage. Pay a living wage!!

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