Twitter for Android : Richard Ngatia who was mentioned in KEMSA obtained a court order of injunction against media from reporting his company activities in relation to the scandal. It is only fair that the media gives him similar blackout during his campaign.

Twitter for Android : What happened between UhuRuto is non of our business & we are not interested in their MATHOGOTHANIO.What Kenyans want to know is who are the Kemsa billionaires,shed light on Pandora papers&make SGR contract public. Nothing will change our mind on electing Dp Ruto. Amalize aende!!

Twitter Web App : When Graphic designers decide to end your political career.🤣🤣🤣🤣

Ruto and Raila| Musalia Mudavadi| Malala| Thika| KEMSA| gideon moi| Wetangula

Twitter Web App : The results emanating from the handshake are;
1. The Pandora papers.
2. KEMSA theft
3 KPLC plunder,
4. Runaway debts,
5. Runway fuel prices,
6. High inflation thus making the cost of living to shoot up,
7. Our shilling has lost value,
8. Extension of the SGR into a family farm.

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Twitter Web App : Mr President,
If i may ask, which varieties of beans are you likely to spill, save for the Eurobond, KEMSA, SGR, computer error, MOH containers?

Mr President,
You should first 'spill the beans' on offshore accounts, and how you came to be client 13173.

Twitter Web App : Kenyans should avoid Raila Odinga like Corona, the old man wants to continue with Uhuru Kenyatta way of leadership. Protecting KEMSA thiefs, Huge borrowing, Ignoring court orders, Giving Government tenders to his family members etc etc. Kenya should stop him.