Twitter Web App : Sinn Fein calls on the Irish government to formally acknowledge the so-called Palestinian NEkba of 1948. Why does Sinn Fein never say anything about the 900,000 Jews ethnically cleansed across the Middle East after Israel's foundation?

Twitter Web App : megadeth'i hiç sevmedim. müzikleri bok gibidir. harmoni yoktur. sadece sözler üzerine bir grup. hislerimde haklıymışım dave mustaine bir yahudiymiş. zaten grubun isminden belli megadeth - yani atom bombası ölümü - bir yahudi yalanı…

Twitter Web App : .ADL, this you?
'With historically high birth rates among the Palestinians, and a possible influx of Palestinian refugees and their descendants now living around the world, Jews would quickly be a minority within a bi-national state'…

Twitter for iPhone : When you hear that Azov is “neo-Nazi”, ask who the Azov regiment is allegedly against.
Jews? They’ve got Jews in their ranks.
Muslims? They’ve got them too.
Russian speakers? Azov’s common language is Russian.
Oh they do have an issue with rapist murderers! Shouldn’t we all?!

Twitter Web App : Jew hatred is so entrenched that it can flow off a persons lips & the woke society doesn't bat an eye. Jews are the bad guys on both ends.

In @Sunny's view...Jews are scared of being replaced by people of color AND they are the ones replacing white people with people of color.

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Twitter for iPhone : In Charlottesville they chanted “ will not replace us”,

BUT for Sunny Hostin it’s always about the : “elites” fear “being replaced” by Black and Brown people.

& NO ONE UTTERED A WORD. Such antisemitic rant met by 🦗

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Twitter for Android : Watch the thinly disguised attack on Jews (AIPAC) start flying as radical left squad hopefuls begin to announce their concession to moderate democrats.

Twitter Web App : We reiterate -- amplifying theories about people of color “replacing” white people through immigrations, birth rate, and other economic, social, & political means serves to normalize the ideas that animate white supremacist extremists.…