Twitter for iPhone : “Killed in Ukraine” vs “dies at 51”

The NYT left out that Shireen was killed in occupied Palestine while covering an Israeli raid on Jenin. She was also American but all of this is left out. Criticizing Israel is impermissible.

Twitter Web App : 'Israel murdered a 17-year-old Palestinian boy in Jenin'

RIGHT: The photo the media used to blame Israel.

LEFT: The 'boy' happens to be a minor terrorist after all. This is the reality.

If you choose terror - you determine your fate. There is no future in terrorism.

Twitter Web App : Having seen the murder of Shireen Abu Akleh & Israel's refusal to investigate;having watched mass demolitions in Masafer Yatta, as a Jew,son of a Holocaust survivor who lost many family,as an antiracist who worked 4 Mandela,I cannot rest until Palestine is free & apartheid ended

Twitter Web App : In the past 2 weeks Israel has:

-Killed a top Palestinian journalist
-Killed a Palestinian boy
-Bombed Syria's intl airport, killing 3 people
-And now, very likely, assassinated an Iranian colonel in Tehran

Typical israel: bullying and picking on others, then playing the victim

Twitter Web App : So Russian offensive in Ukraine based on a perceived threat from NATO is 'Kremlin propaganda'. But israel can attack Syria almost every week based on perceived threat from Iran?

🦗from the media.

Israel is illegally occupying Syria since 1967. Only Syria can speak of defense.

Twitter for iPhone : Israel’s demolition of homes of 1000 Palestinians in Masafer Yatta is inhumane ethnic cleansing. It’s good that ⁦J Street⁩ is supporting a congressional letter to oppose this cruelty. Unless Israel suffers consequences, impunity will continue…

Twitter Web App : Israel's only 74 y.o. It has no history, no heritage. Nothing at all that isn't stolen from Palestinians. When you understand this, it dawns on U why they fly into violent fits when they see the Palestinian flag. It reminds them of what they will never be: Indigenous to the land.

Twitter for iPhone : Israel just bombed the Syrian capital Damascus damaging its international airport and risking the safety of civilian passengers. Years back, Israeli warplanes used civilian airliners as shields to cover against the Syrian missiles. Not Russia, so no sanctions or global outrage.

Twitter for iPhone : If there was even a small chance that journalist Sherine Abu Akleh was killed by a Palestinian fighter, Israel would do everything to prove that. Israel isn’t investigating her killing because they know who did it.

Twitter for iPhone : Myself & my classmates in Arab Studies honored the legacy of Shireen Abu Aqleh during Anthony Blinken’s commencement address. We demand an independent investigation & an end to American aid to Israel now. I relayed these demands to Blinken personally & refused to shake his hand.