TweetDeck : that's why blowoff parabolic moves usually signal the top. it's not smart πŸ’΅buying, therefore it's not sustainable. that's 1 of the many factors I look at before shorting or selling calls. I need to kno WHO is buying. Irrational money or big dick hedgefunds

Twitter Web App : The problem with shorting is hedgefunds dont just open a short and let failing companies fail. They short the same shares multiple times while shareholders buy and hold which would be enough if supply and demand hadnt been made obsolete by wallstreet!

Twitter for iPhone : A plan β€œto sell a $1B in counterfeit securities.” This particular plan was foiled in 70s, but how many of our current financial crisis could it explain? Enron/Private Equity BuyOuts/2008 BailOut/Overinflated SiliconValleyIPOs/HedgeFunds/WallStreet out of touch w/MainStreet?

Twitter Web App : $PHUN Heading into market open, let us not forget the manipulation Friday and Yesterday that caused so many retail traders to get burnt while hedgefunds maximized profits.

Im gonna buy the dip and im going to hold long.

Phunware deserves a loyal retail investor presence.


Twitter Web App : Make no mistake, the hedgefunds didnt lose anything here.

Retail was left in the dust after hundreds(if not thousands) of retail investors stop losses and limit orders were ignored after a gapdown.

This was unacceptable at best.


Twitter Web App : Dave Lauer GME is not responsible, the Market Makers and Hedgefunds are. GME is simply an opportunity to catch these assholes with their pants down while also supporting a GREAT company with an incredible future outlook!

Twitter Web App : Win a year’s supply of beam’s dream powder, a delicious cup of cocoa with nano hemp, reishi, magnesium, l-theanine, and melatonin.

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