Twitter for iPhone : Wait - they’re dressing their 5 year olds in Let’s Go Brandon t-shirts, QAnon t-shirts and shirts with swastikas on them, they’re posing them with assault rifles and crossbows, with Viking swords & live fucking grenades and they say WE’RE the groomers?

Yeah, fuck that.

Twitter Web App : Joe Rogan: ‘How Many People Are Doing it Under the Guise of I’m an LGBTQ Educator!’

“… the term ‘groomer,’ a lot of people don’t like that term online. They’re very upset. But they’re real. There are groomers.'

Love Ya Joe Rogan

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Twitter Web App : The GOP also mainstreamed child pageants—which sexualize kids in horrifying ways—lowered marriage ages, and empowered sex pests Trump, Moore, Gaetz, Nader, Verastigui, Hastert, and countless others, so in fact they’re America’s chief even in the way *they* use the term.

Twitter for iPhone : rightwing media knows what it’s doing. when they talk about white ppl being replaced, when they label lgbtq ppl as “groomers” these are calls for violence. and then to have the nerve to act shocked when someone carries it out??? its fucking evil

Twitter Web App : In the wake of Florida's 'Don't Say Gay' law, the term 'grooming' has been used to imply people who discuss LGBTQ topics are deliberately preying on children. That's not what grooming is.…