Twitter Web App : We believe our industry has a key role to play in helping Australia meet its targets for a cleaner energy future. Ahead of , we've launched an ad in newspapers around the country to show how natural gas can be part of the solution. See it here:

Twitter Web App : Talk about gaslighting. Just a week before the Australian gas lobby is blatantly lying to Aussies - telling them that gas is a 'clean and green' energy source rather than its reality as a polluting fossil fuel

Twitter Web App : Küresel sera gazlarının dörtte birini ulaşım sektöründe yaptıklarımızla salıyoruz. Ulaşım sektörünü karbonsuzlaştırmak enerji dönüşümünün önemli bir parçası. Sürdürülebilir ulaşıma geçiş, 2050 yılına kadar 70 trilyon dolar tasarruf sağlayabilir.…

Twitter Web App : Yüzde yüz yenilenebilir enerji kaynaklarımızla temiz enerji üretiyor , Türkiye'nin yeşil enerji dönüşümünü destekliyoruz.

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Twitter Web App : Industries has made a wave of partnerships to give shape to its green energy business that spans solar, battery and hydrogen investments and could contribute almost 10 per cent of the company's pre-tax profits in five years, a report…

Twitter Media Studio : WATCH: John Kerry touts creating auto jobs in MEXICO as a positive effect of Joe Biden’s green energy policies.

“Mexico’s industrial base...absolutely stands to benefit from the energy transition.”

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Twitter Media Studio : India stands resolute in its commitment to Green Energy by proposing to energize 140+ countries with the transnational solar energy grid under the ‘One Sun One World One Grid’ initiative!

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Buffer : EU member states (and the general public for that matter) are divided and can't agree whether or not they should label nuclear power as a green energy source. Source:

Twitter Web App : “So today I find myself hunger striking with 4 of my friends, 3 days with only water, demanding that Biden fight for Dallas and Vickery Meadow, and put life-saving climate legislation back in the Build Back Better Act.” @kidus_GirmaB

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