Twitter Web App : With clearly mentioning in many of his press that his main focus from now on will be on the Grandslams and with Nadal having to maintain his workload given the wear and tear he has had on those legs, it is highly unlikely we'll ever see them again at the

TweetDeck : Emma Raducanu has won her 1st Grand Slam title at 18 years-old.

Also at 18:

Seles - 7 🏆
Hingis - 5 🏆
Austin - 2 🏆
Graf - 2 🏆
Mandlikova - 1 🏆
Sanchez Vicario - 1 🏆
S.Williams - 1 🏆
Sharapova - 1 🏆

Twitter for iPhone : % Grand Slams matches won/Total matches won in career (Top 5 match winners in the open era)

1) Djokovic : 33% (323/978)
2) Federer : 29% (369/1251)
3) Nadal : 28% (291/1028)
4) Lendl : 21% (222/1068)
5) Connors : 18% (233/1274)

Twitter Web App : On this day 48 years ago, the legendary Billie Jean King famously defeated Bobby Riggs in the Battle of the Sexes.
All this effort from BJK paved way for granting of equal pay for both men and women in grandslams.
Tennis remains one of the few sports to have equal pay in majors

Twitter for Android : I wonder if the English media would treat Anthony Joshua like Andy Murray 🤔 .

British when number one and winning grandslams, Scottish after terrible losses...

Wouldn't be surprised, if I start seeing headlines like 'Nigeria boxed looses to .....'

Twitter for iPhone : 1nsaneMe Tony Ilias kevin_y Betway CSGO Doesn’t change shit does it? People will always remember major as the most important tournaments. S1mple can win as many grandslams as he wants. Winning a major just fells different, you can’t buy it with harder challenges, Like it or not it’s how it works.