Twitter Web App : NEWS: A federal judge has ruled that the United States has no legal basis for holding an Afghan man who has been at Guantánamo Bay since 2007. But getting him home may involving talks with the Taliban, setting up a dilemma for the Biden administration.…

Twitter Web App : News now: Two more detainees have been approved for transfer from Guantanamo. One is Sanad al-Kazimi, a Yemeni, to Oman, if it reopens its rehab program. Also the Afghan Haroon to no place specific. Both need security deals. Story soon. Updated docket now.…

Twitter for iPhone : Twitter tells me it’s my 11 year anniversary. I remember joining so I could tweet from during Omar Khadr’s sentencing. And it’s still open!! This piece I wrote at the start of his trial is still one of my favorites:…

Twitter Web App : This increases to 12 the number of detainees who are now eligible for transfer under the government's own criteria.

Another 15 remain detained without trial; two are serving military commission sentences; and the other 10 are in 'pending' military commission proceedings.

Twitter Web App : A January 6th detainee broke his wrist in May while in custody

5 months later he still hasn't had the necessary surgery

Yesterday a federal judge held the warden of the DC Jail in contempt of court for it

And yet - crickets from the media AND from elected Republicans

Twitter for iPhone : YCCz.BISHOP if you know you know 😭😭😭

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