Twitter Web App : The virus that causes Covid adapts – faster than many thought possible. We need to adapt, learning more, doing more of what works, collaborating more. That's the best route to a safer world. In fact, that's the only route to a safer world.

Twitter Web App : One piece of good news: we can easily track spread because B.1.1.529 causes something called S-gene target failure which creates a specific pattern in PCR test results. This can make it easier to spot than Delta. 6/

Twitter Web App : In September, unvaccinated people were 5.8 times more likely to get Covid and 14 times more likely to die from it, according to CDC. Protect yourself and the people around you—get vaccinated.

Twitter Web App : The rapidity with which the Omicron variant has become predominant in Gauteng Province is concerning. Evidence from other provinces suggests the variant has already spread across South Africa. B.1.1.529 has now been detected in samples from patients in multiple countries. 3/

Twitter Web App : The 'smallpox vials' story is a repeat of 2014.
Know who was in charge of that investigation at that time? Tom Frieden, as head of CDC.
Tom Frieden's org Resolve To Save Lives is deep in the planning of COVID. Sponsored Event#201 via GPMB.
2014 story:

Twitter Web App : A new wave of Covid has begun in the US, with hospitalizations and deaths driven primarily by the unvaccinated. Our number one priority should be to reach the 30% of the country that hasn't yet received their first shot.

Hootsuite Inc. : We're facing a new wave of Covid in the US, and we can prevent many hospitalizations and deaths in the coming weeks by increasing vaccinations. The more of us are vaccinated, the safer we are.

Twitter for Android : Silvio silvio sana güzel bir kaynak telegram almanca haberler çok dakik erken ve çok doğru anlik haberler var burada sayfa almanca ama kopya edip tercümede türkçeye çevirebilirsin müthiş haber portalı kaynağı var

Twitter Web App : What's driving Covid hospitalizations and deaths in the US isn't breakthrough infections—it's infections among the unvaccinated. That's why we must work on getting the tens of millions of unvaccinated Americans vaccinated.

Twitter Web App : We underestimate the coronavirus at our peril. New variants anywhere in the world are a shot across the bow. Stopping the emergence and spread of them—including by addressing vaccine inequity—will save lives everywhere.

Twitter Web App : Lots more we need to find out. Major q's:

More transmissible?
Able to evade vaccine and/or infection-induced immunity?
More severe illness?

Getting science right can take time. Epidemiologists get this; many in media don’t. The more we learn, the better we can fight Covid. 7/

Twitter Web App : B.1.1.529 (Omicron): Likely first concerning Covid variant since Delta, though still many unknowns. The emergence of this variant is a shot across the bow and underscores why it’s so urgent we address vaccine inequity. Here’s what we know and don’t know about Omicron. 1/thread

Hootsuite Inc. : We can’t allow the virus to further divide and conquer us. Instead, we must collaborate for a safer, healthier, and better protected world. It’s humans vs. microbes. We’re all in this together.