Buffer : If your t-shirt is made in the USA, it still might be made by workers making less than $3/hour! will help end wage theft in the CA garment industry.


Buffer : 🗳️ Voters from blue and red states agree: we want Congress to invest in care to make it easier for seniors, people with disabilities and families to get the care they need.

Call Congress to ensure they support home care workers 1-855-963-2258.

Twitter Web App : JUST FILED: Workers are challenging the legality of a 2020 NLRB regulation that narrowed the definition of a “joint employer”

We know McDonald’s holds control - they shouldn't use loopholes to get out of their responsibility.


Twitter Web App : Florida McDonald's manager: Labor shortage not caused by enhanced jobless benefits. The REAL reason, he says: '.. workers are being paid too little working full time. That’s the real scandal.”

Hootsuite Inc. : This week, fast-food workers, meat packing workers, and farmers stood together with the Missouri Rural Community Workers Alliance to speak out against corporate greed and the importance of workers standing together.