Twitter Web App : A colder winter threatens to worsen Asia's energy crisis 🥶⚡

🇨🇳 Temperatures in China have plunged and are already colder than usual in some northern areas

🇯🇵 Japan expects below normal temperatures next month

🇰🇷 S Korea sees a colder start to winter…

SnapStream TV Search : 'We are headed for global energy crisis,' says Fareed Zakaria.

'The simplest explanation is the demand for energy is currently exceeding supply...but there is one common cause...we do not have sufficient green energy today to replace fossil fuels. We will, but not today.'

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Twitter Web App : Ireland is facing into a winter energy crisis which is entirely, 100%, and totally the fault of successive governments replacing power stations which work 100% of the time with power stations that work when it is windy. Blaming data centres is overt, and absolute, propaganda.

Twitter Web App : President Biden and I released the first ever National Gender Strategy. This is our vision for the future of our nation—one that is bold in strategy and one that this moment calls for.…

Twitter Web App : Biden's energy crisis:
🛢️📈 ⛽️📈 💡📈

'The Biden administration is intent on implementing policies that make it harder for American energy producers to develop cleaner, more affordable energy right here at home.'

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Twitter Web App : Suudi Arabistan Maliye Bakanı CNBC’ye, dünya iklim politikalarında dikkatli davranmazsa “daha ​​da kötü” bir enerji krizinin tetiklenebileceğini söyledi.…

Twitter Web App : Homelessness was always present in America.... But now it is going to explode.... With every crisis contributing its share.... Job cuts, power crisis, food shortages, inflation, energy crisis.....

The same devils textbook for the rest of the world as well.....☹️🤬

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Twitter for Android : Evergrande didn't collapse
The three gorges dam didn't break
That Chinese rocket didn't fall on civilian areas
The Delta Variant didn't crash China's economy
Covid-19 didn't challenge Xi's rule
The energy crisis took two weeks to be brought under control

Any I missed?

Twitter for iPhone : US racked with inflation crisis, econ crisis, covid crisis, supply chain crisis, energy crisis, Afghanistan crisis, border crisis—and WH responds with the…National Gender Strategy (pledging “intersectional approach”). It’s like WH is run by progressive student union at Berkeley.