Twitter for Advertisers : Former Navy SEAL James Reece is on a mission to uncover the truth. arrives July 1 on Prime Video.

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Twitter for Android : Imperfect but her heart & intentions are pure.Everything aligns effortlessly in her favor,she has so much love & joy,every person she comes in contact with is touched by her joy.She knws her worthy,she cherishes & understands the value of others.

Twitter for iPhone : hope you guys more so those still shipping take heart cause this reunion you will cry

Your people broke up long ago and you all know that

All I can hint you with is that Emma said to him it was a game

Then for Rose she lost a baby (hers and Emma)
they had sex

Twitter for Android : Confused 🤔 how did both fell off.. Emmanuel and liquorose?👇👇👇... I need to know...I see them on blogs receiving gifts from the now sunked emmarose ship but not anymore..not even wished each other happy birthday... SMH😔