Twitter for Android : cash money IKR I HATE IT SO MUCH its so annoying,
It happened to me too for them to get on my nerves... i was watching a kcorp game on eumasters, and the casters kept praising the other team and bringing down kc even though like ... kc was in advantage??? bro 😭

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TweetDeck : _titod Franchising slows/prevents the promotion of skilled teams/players. Teams don't have to perform and are incentivized to hire based on contract/engagement instead of skill. Other regions have ways to get around it, EU does not. Impossible for the EUMasters winning team to promote.

Twitter Web App : Saken has already had the experience of the LEC, he is champion of France, BACK TO BACK EUMASTERS. That's huge. Cabochard after a break came back very strong and smashed all the ERL toplaners. He is ready to make his return to LEC, his home.

Twitter Web App : StrawHatSaki mrq Yes, that's exactly what our players lack. Will to win. You rephrased my 3 lines into 30. The first change that has to come is with the championship format, both for EUMasters and LEC. I agree on rookies, instead of resigning the same veterans over and over again.

Twitter Web App : LoL Esports Edward Gaming bit of an unrelated question, but why haven't any of the photos from this worlds been posted on the lolesports flickr? that was always one of my favorite part of worlds the past couple years, so it's a shame that nothing's been posted on the account since EUMasters and LEC