TweetDeck : We had a great time celebrating the Diwali Festival of Lights last Sunday and just had to share the fun! Thank you to our volunteers, community, and sponsors who acted quickly to move us indoors and make the event a success despite some fierce . 💨

Twitter for iPhone : I’m so sick of hearing ‘To save Xmas’. They know this is blackmail. I didn’t hear anything to save COP26 or G7 or Diwali or any other thing this year. It’s always to save Xmas. Fucking sick of scaremongering propaganda

Twitter for iPhone : Dışarıdan bakılınca politeist gibi görünen 4000-5000 yıllık kadim Hind Medeniyeti’ni, Hindu Diwali Festivali’ni araştırıyor muyuz?

Bu sorularla artık daha sık karşılaşacağız..

Twitter Web App : Credit disbursement has grown by 85% during the Navratri, Dussehra & Diwali period this year, showing signs of robust growth of India’s economy.

Twitter for Android : Govt has accepted farmers' unions demand of decriminalizing stubble burning

One day of firecrackers bursting on Diwali is crime in some parts of India. People arrested for bursting crackers

But 3 weeks of stubble burning has been decriminalized. Masterstroke

No tweet by Greta?