Twitter for iPhone : Anita Bellows Frank Zola Neil Couling rightsnet Public Interest Law Centre South West London Law Centres Southwark Law Centre Child Poverty Action Group Crisis Camden Community Law Centre Work Rights Centre Turn2us HammersmithLawCentre MerseysideLawCentre Greater Manchester Law Centre DWP Universal Credit APPG SSAC My local paper is £1.60, published weekly.…

Do you have any idea how far our clients CAPuk are stretching their money while waiting for a UC claim? £1.60 is often an entire meal, sometimes for a family of four.


Twitter for Android : I think 50's born pensionless women should ALL write in to DWP Management complaining about lack of notification. DWP has only received 9800 complaints. Come on ladies....get out pens, paper and a stamp or emails and tell them how you were affected by their lack of notice:

Twitter Web App : Extraordinary, this. The DWP told someone trying to claim universal credit they'd need to take a photo with that day's local paper and pose holding a street sign – with their right hand – or they'd be denied benefits…

Twitter Web App : Anger is growing among over 60s in the UK who have not been paid their first pension payment from the government.

This issue affects thousands of people who have reached state pension age (66 for men and women).

Desperate reader's letter to follow:

Twitter Web App : Here's an example of how overwhelming any DWP assessment can be. On the left is page 1 of 2 of medical conditions for a 64 yr old, excluding the latest neurology clinic update saying she can't write with a pen.

Now removed from ESA support group.

I could cry. This is terrible

TweetDeck : DWP orders Universal Credit claimants to pose with today's newspaper to rule out fraud…

Twitter for Android : When we have a detailed criminal investigation into BREXIT particular attention should be paid to the DWP, BOARD OF TRADE, HOME OFFICE and CABINET OFFICE.... plus any legislation or policies that Michael GOVE, Dominic CUMMINGS or Jacob REES MOGG were involved in / advocated.

Twitter Web App : People are being forced to submit photos of themselves holding a local daily paper in order to claim universal credit. One organisation supporting a claimant compared the demands to “what kidnappers do”…

Twitter Web App : Off out. Very panicked poorly lady with neurological, heart and other conditions age 64 now has a letter from DWP saying they've removed her from ESA support group and reduced her money to £77pw.

I'm on it. Just need to reassure her, honestly she's so upset.

Sprout Social : 🎥 Phillipa Day lived with post natal depression, emotionally unstable personality disorder and diabetes.

After multiple failures by DWP she took her own life.

We must stop this from happening again.

Help us to take action 👉

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