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Twitter for Android : The decline of Mazembe & Vita in the last 4 - 5 seasons is by no means surprising. The 2 have made some shocking, horrible decisions lately, this is not sudden.

The waking up of DC Motema Pembe and St Eloi Lupopo will make for some interesting reading in DR Congo.

Twitter for Android : Update from our Karateka's in DR Congo 🇨🇩

Even after being denied funding & two air tickets, our Karateka's managed to win a bronze medal 🥉 for Uganda 🇺🇬. They are now stuck & want to come back home. Any Samartian to get those lads three air tickets pliz 🙏

Twitter for Android : Mr President, Yoweri K Museveni, you once referred to sports as “leisure” but these athletes have brought charm, glory, laurels & fame to this country 🇺🇬 out of their own passion. These Karateka's (photos attached) are stuck in DR Congo 🇨🇩 after winning Uganda a bronze medal.

Twitter for Android : Uganda Terror Attack.

ISCAP DR-Congo cell in Uganda has conducted a second terror attack in Kawempe area of the capital Kampala. 2 people killed and 7 injured. ISCAP has a larger cell in Kasese near the border with DR Congo.

Twitter for Android : What. A. Performance.

Marumo Gallants have secured their place in the final CAF Confederation Cup qualification round!

They swept aside DR Congo giants AS Vita thanks to a 3-2 on agg victory.

Twitter for Android : : A UN convoy came under fire from ISCAP militants in Rwenzori area in Beni. Outcome of this incident still unknown as of now. This is despite the UN denying the presence of Islamic State in Congo. Will the UN finally admit the Islamic State is in Congo after this?

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Twitter for Android : DRCongo mon pays😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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Twitter for Android : Two karateka's; Martin Emoku & Ebong Junior Cantong went to represent Uganda 🇺🇬 in the Great Lakes Countries Karate Tournament in DR Congo 🇨🇩 They left the country by road after failing to secure two air tickets & funding from NCS. The two will be in action on Saturday & Sunday.