Twitter Web App : Areas that thought they had some of the lowest Covid rates in England now find themselves with the highest rates in the country, corresponding in some places to 1 in 22 children testing positive in the past week.

It's hard not to conclude we've been failed by Covid cronyism.

Sprout Social : Biden is using the pandemic as an excuse, but the truth is that government diktats, handouts, and cronyism have catastrophically gummed up our supply chains, and it’s getting worse.

Twitter Web App : Whilst this Government try and distract us from their incompetence, sleaze and corruption this holiday we refuse to be drawn in.

We do not forget

We See Them, We Are Coming for Them, There Will be a Reckoning

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Twitter Web App : To suggest that ED should be an imperial president and tear the constitution to allow him unlimited presidential terms under bogus claims that he is doing well in the midst of power cuts, massive poverty, collapse of RTGS currency and cronyism is HUGE POLITICAL TOMFOOLERY

Twitter for Advertisers. : 78% of US adults are lying awake at night – worrying about retirement. Here’s a secret: you don’t need to lose sleep.

This Princeton grad’s startup raised $51 million to help you plan a comfortable retirement. See how its free tool can get you on track.

Twitter for Android : brief history of conservatism in sk:

devine 82-91: bankrupted the province, increased fraud and criminal wrongdoing

wall 07-18: morally bankrupted the province. brought back cronyism and individualism

scott moe 18-21: working to kill off the pop. in the name of the 'economy'

Twitter Web App : Lest we forget, this is worth viewing again - as if this Govt‘s chaotic Covid & Brexit incompetence, blatant corruption & cronyism, constant misinformation & media manipulation and its steady erosion of the the rule of law & liberal democracy wasn‘t already bad enough!

Twitter Web App : bread 🎉 hasanabi rae☀️ RFLCT I asked him a similar question, and the answer was in line with cronyism. So hence my 'helping hand', cuz even though no one is perfect, I'm not afraid to call out peoples bullshit when I like them, or when I like what they do 👇. And ofc source:…

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Twitter Media Studio : Priti Patel and other senior Conservatives helped some of their friends get very, very wealthy off the pandemic. It's a scandal that demands answers. (with Good Law Project )

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Twitter Media Studio : Authoritarianism, cronyism, majoritarianism: the ideologies of the BJP government.

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Twitter for Android : Bob Morgan #BLM 💙🔸 💙 Help the #NHS wear a mask, get jabbed The government has been indulging in obscene cronyism because of Covid, knowing the spoils are safe because of Brexit ...

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