Buffer : Excited for bake off next week?🙌

Our MotionHeat+ technology evenly distributes hot air around the oven cavity, to ensure even cooking results, the perfect rise, & zero flavour/aroma transfer.

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Buffer : Did you know that selected Caple ovens feature a Base heat function?🤔

The Base Heat function removes the need to blind bake, speeding up your baking & ensuring your pastry is up to standards!

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Buffer : It's again tomorrow! Fancy baking something sweet to enjoy while you watch the show?

Why not try our favourite brownie recipe, which is simple & delicious: buff.ly/3EKxZF9
Watch the step by step video😍

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Buffer : Love baking? Here's one of the many reasons you need a Caple oven👇

Selected Caple ovens feature our Boost function, which heats up your ovens in seconds, so you no longer need to worry about preheating.

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