SocialFlow : The British Soft Drinks Association says manufacturers have “only a few days” of carbon dioxide left in reserve to produce beverages and can’t import supplies from the EU due to Brexit

Twitter for iPhone : In a normal country, these 6 seconds might preclude someone from getting a job in Government

In broken Brexit Britain, it gets them the job of Justice Secretary

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Twitter for iPhone : Sözlüğe İngiltere’de mobilyaların en az 8 haftada teslim edilmesi sorunsalı diye başlık açasım var. Bugün 18 haftada teslim edilen koltuk duydum. Brexit bu işleri yeterince zorlaştırıyordu, pandemi tüy dikti resmen.

Twitter Web App : Wholesale gas prices have soared, with the UK feeling the effects the most.


Because the EU have an internal energy market which subsidies wholesale energy rises, keeping prices low. Something we are no longer a part of because of Brexit.

Twitter for iPhone : “The UK has elected to remain outside the EU Internal Energy Market, even though a considerable amount of the country’s energy needs are met by Europe. As a result, the UK has lost significant control over prices”…

Twitter Web App : How can we have “moved on” from Brexit when we still haven’t fully implemented it? And if we have “moved on” from Brexit then why is Lord Frost still trying to renegotiate it? Just asking.