Twitter for Android : 18 questions, 18 initiales

1 LG
2 jsais plus
3 X
4 RL / FE
5 FE
6. FE... LL
7 LL
8 LL /A/KB
9 KB
10 A
11 TH/IL/A
12 LG
14 A
15 LL/ KB
16 X
17 A
18 X

like et je t’envoie

Twitter Web Client : The gods have a dark sense of humor. Putting ionized Mn K (and, neutral Mn Kb) nearly on top of neutral Fe Ka. C'mon. No one needed those to be confused. X-IFU will sort it out. But until then, it ain't so ... elementary.

Curious Cat : Hey!! I miss u so much kassy any plans for tonight I’m throwing a kb in Santa Fe come through - Tyler (: — hit me miss u too bro!…

Twitter for Android : Sain Houndoom has always been a favorite of mine and Grookey is my favorite starter so they're a lock. Then I'd say Flygon, Alolan Sandslash, and Gallade. Finally and probably what I would consider my most unusual pick but for some reason I just love Spritzee. Cute and soft

Twitter Web App : I had a good time with the new Fire Emblem(Blue Lion Route)!
It's definitely not topping Path of Radiance for me and there's a bunch of stuff to complain about, but it was the best time I had with FE since Ike's Adventure. 😊

Twitter Web Client : We have been through a roller-coaster ride for the past few days, fam! Here's a @BTS_TWT BTS Stage Compilation | with sub

방탄소년단 스테이지 모음 [MUSIC BANK / KBS Song Fe... via YouTube

Twitter Web App : I did a ridiculous home workout today. 15repsX2sets:
plank touches
KB swings
DB rows
Bicep curls
dead bugs
Russian twists
ball slams
military press
DB clean & press
DB front raises
+30min on the spin bike.

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Twitter for iPhone : Take off, KB! 🚀

Lake City-Florida Gateway College sophomore Kenny Brown Jr. went off for a team-high 17 PTS last night in a win vs. rival Santa Fe. 🐺


Florida Gateway Athletics CC Wilson Coach A. Chandler

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Twitter for Android : Convo in my LCS with KB, a male employee and a female employee.

FE: Did you see the new Marvel dresses at Disney? Pockets!
ME: OK, explain. Why are women weird about pockets?
FE: You ask that 'cause you HAVE them.
KB: When we smash the patriarchy, POCKETS FOR ALL!