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Twitter Web App : For the first time in Colorado, a family has chosen to compost their loved ones' remains

The new law went into effect Sept 7, making CO second state in the country to allow human body composting

After 6 months in this 'vessel' the body will over time decompose into soil

Twitter Web App : On October 10, 2020, Andy Ngo joined a handful of large alt-right accounts to spread false rumors that a Trump supporter was killed by a 'left-wing protester'.

In fact, the Trump supporter was shot while attacking a professional security guard hired to protect 9NEWS reporters.

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Twitter for iPhone : Judge Theresa Slade sentences Devon Erickson to Life in Prison without Parole plus another 1,200 plus years (if math is right) for the shooting at Stem School Highlands Ranch in May 2019 which left 8 people shot and Senior Kendrick Castillo dead.

Twitter Web App : On the 2019 Trans Day of Remembrance, Andy Ngo was suspended for tweeting several false claims about violence against trans people.

The US doesn't even rank in the top 20 countries on the LGTBQ+ Safety Index. Trans women face a 4.3x greater risk of being murdered than cis women.