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@HabibZO_ ClutchPoints Boardroom Because his mom is very educated and accomplished on her own with her own career, she‘s attorney and even though she is his manager she actually has a career of her own. When it’s completely up to these young players to feed their struggling moms it’s different

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@HabibZO_ Chris Barr Complex Sneakers Sole Fly First avg reseller not making that, 2nd if you are a reseller making that much it's cause you have connections that allow you to scale your business to that point (which the avg person doesn't have). Avg reseller is maybe making 1-2k in a good month.

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@HabibZO_ Liyana Lewis Sonny Bill Williams Yes, pain via illness is when Allah wills. Leave reverts alone on the issue of tattoos. Conscience and intentions belong to an individual's mind and heart. Allah knows.

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@HabibZO_ @Liny_gsw Bleacher Report Matt Sullivan B/R Kicks Curry must be a genius then, getting paid $1B for one person to wear his shoes huh. Cuz that’s how that works…

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@HabibZO_ DC Comics Superman I never said you were the only one prefering physical collecting. The majority of people still do. But digital collecting is on the rise and many people are in love with it. You can deny that all day long but it's the truth :-)

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@HabibZO_ PALESTINE ONLINE 🇵🇸 We agree, the Jewish people have been restored to our land as God decreed, and all the people fighting this are fighting God and are therefore destined to keep failing.