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Let's start a chain to speak about Palestine. Tag 4 of your moots and tell them to reply with
and continue the chain. Please don't break the chain…
CrossCaramel ♡

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ty for signing 💕 Francis:) @DRMTEA @mwapatches celi ˗ˏˋ ⌞ Liz ⌝ ˎˊ˗ @sweetenergnf @dteamhugs_ @delicatedrm @Dreams_biscuit @catdrmie RIRI ☆ ME DAY @Quetzal73667350 @gnfalways_ @CadaverWasTaken Chidole 💕 :D

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@CadaverWasTaken Yess the Jersey lawman made a remix for the h3 pod and they had him preform it live it’s the h3 podcast live show 😁