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… 2 espiritos e kink? … yeah I pass sorry, estas siglas e abelhe/abelhus pronomes etc its getting outta control

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Bom dia caros telespectadores,
Após a riot games lançar o campeão abelhus o streamer Pato Papão terá um vídeo em seu canal de aproximadamente 2horas.
Segundo informações o campeão é complexa e possui 5 armas diferentes + passiva.

Seguimos esperando

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Uniquely Disqualified Racial Anthropologist (UDRA) sarah cledor @Samar61941114 African Hub You mentioning race when talking bout the negative aspects of certain countries just makes it seem like you essentialise race which is why I say the racial classification you use is mad unscientific because it causes you to essentialise humans to their race.

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Uniquely Disqualified Racial Anthropologist (UDRA) @hotepspostingls Them claiming moors to be black don't surprise me a lot (even if it's total bullshit) due to the proximity of West Africa, but damn, claiming some culture in a place where blacks came only until the last century...