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Kucuk Moskovali ★ Alakası yok gayette zencilerle tokalaşıyor. Yaşından dolayı tokalaşmaktan yorulmuştur artık çünkü kalabalıktan dolayı sonu yok.…

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Nesrin kendine gelmeye başladığına göre içimizden geçmeye hazırlanıyor demektir. Bu inişin çıkışı var, çıkışta Somer'in aq kesin

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Prince William, The Prince of Wales spoke up for Buckingham Palace staff who had been bullied by and . It was he who listened to them, and tried to advise his brother.

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John Hull sherwinig BBC Radio 5 Live What billions? If Labour would have been in power we wouldn't have had the vaccine. Your parents probably wouldn't have been here now. We would have been locked down way more and for longer. Look at Labour in Wales. You couldn't buy a kids book. It would have cost 200bn quid more

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This is the Labour Party in Wales ….. coming to the rest of the UK if we aren’t careful.…

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This just appeared on our feeds.

Appears to be a man from the year 2052 reaching out to his father in 2022.

Is this really from the future?

Tomos W. Jones