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TRUSS: First day in Parliament!!
KWARTENG: Congrats Prime Minister.
SIMON CLARKE: What we do today will set the tone for our whole government.
TRUSS: Agreed. That's why I'm sending out Rees-Mogg to defend more fracking!!
CLEVERLY: Brilliant.
BRAVERMAN: Inspired.
CLARKE: Wait what

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22. Simon Clarke, a mouse-fart made flesh and shoved into a beige suit, explained the reason the Tories had been complete dogshit for 12 years is that they “haven’t had a clear run” and it had been “crisis after crisis”

23. He voted for all those crises

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Charlie Stayt: “Who will gain the most from these tax cuts?”

Tory MP Simon Clarke: “*Everybody* will gain the most”

‘New’ government. Same dishonesty

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Levelling up secretary Simon Clarke: “No Conservative government has had a clear run at events over the entire course of the last decade, it has been one crisis after another.”

Crisis 1 (2010-present): Austerity
Crisis 2 (2016-present): Brexit

Both Tory created.

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James Oh Brien Carol Wade Remember when Simon Clarke, Minister for Leveling up simpered and refused to answer during his interview on the Beeb ... That.…

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Simon Clarke, Treasury Chief Secretary until two weeks ago, described NICs rise as 'transformative'. He now describes the reversal of that policy as 'game-changing'.

Explains his March position with 'I was only doing my job'. But THIS time, he definitely definitely means it. ~AA

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‘The last thing this country needs is another General Election & all the uncertainty that brings’ says Simon Clarke, as we see the 4th Tory PM in 6 years after a 7 week leadership vacuum.

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Anna Jones: 'You said 'it was simply irresponsible for us to whack it all on our debt'. Are you now being irresponsible?'

Simon Clarke: 'No, because now we're going for growth.'

[NARRATOR: Todays 'New Plan for Growth' is the seventh 'New Plan for Growth' in ten years. ~AA]

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Anna Jones - Labour say this govt has moved from levelling up to trickle down.. are you worried that this govt will be seen to be helping the better off more than the poor?

Simon Clarke - Absolutely not....

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Tory MP former minister, to Sky News just: 'Liz is ******. She is ******. She's taking on markets and the Bank of England. Her, Kwasi, Phil[p], Simon [Clarke?] are playing A-level economics with people's lives. MPs are already putting letters in, as she will crash economy.' ~AA

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Simon Clarke was asked: 'You were in favour of the NI increase saying it is irresponsible to pass the tax burden to future generations, are you being irresponsible by scrapping it now?' His answer: 'No with a new PM comes new perogatives' FFS!!!!

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Imagine the shock for “leveling up” Secretary Simon Clarke when he finds out scrapping the hike in NI will save households on the lowest incomes about 76p a month - Two million adults in the UK can’t afford to eat every day and that’s a tin of baked beans!

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Simon Clarke CSTT - “we have a very strong mandate” … “the last thing we need is a general election” …. “I think people just want us to get on and deliver”

A) NO you don’t - manifesto has gone

B) NO - we actually do want a GE to get you lot out

C) NO - we want you to go