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Ukrainian drones continue to destroy russian air defense.
Another Buk missile launcher joined the 'no-analogue' scrap metal army.


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Gina Rinehart wants tax cuts to help low income earners…good old trickle down economics has been tried & failed for decades…how about we scrap $14bn worth of fossil fuel subsidies and make child care free instead ?…

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Hi Mechanics!
We are still here! We went down a rabbit hole to try and fix the physics and lag. Maybe the number one request from you mechanics. It ended up being a lot of work. But we think we are on to something now!

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Scrap Bail, Give Maximum Punishment To Teen: Pune Porshe Victim's Family

@paradamaa reports…

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CONservative leader Pierre Poilievre has zero plans to reduce the impacts of climate change.

If elected, he will scrap 🇨🇦 Canada's climate plan!!

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Finished this artistic lib rug up for a friend! They requested I buy as little as possible so this was made 100% out of scrap yarn I had leftover from past projects!
what do yah think?