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🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 “Have you seen a better bench than England? France’s B team is awful!”

🔥 “Off the bench, we have options! The opposition won’t know what to expect.”

Martin Keown believes ’s bench is stronger than and other nations 👀

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Never give up on your dreams kids, if lee dixon, martin keown, john hartson, jermaine jenas and dion dublin can get jobs commentating on a world cup then anything is possible

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What is this commentator on about?? Martin keown wasn’t impressed with Fofana’s performance vs Tunisia so it’s interesting deschamps has kept faith with him 😂😂😂

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Martin Keown doesn't have any time for new fangled ideas like protecting your face from permanent damage

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Can we all take a minute to try and understand how the fuck Martin Keown has a job as a co-commentator, Jesus fucking wept.

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If you had to give up watching football forever or spend a day talking football with Martin Keown/Chris Sutton … which Sport would you start watching instead ?

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Lee Dixon I hate criticising you because you’re an England legend but how do you expect Saka to get on to that? You and Martin Keown are the worst co-commentators so far this world cup 😭

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Martin Keown is the worst pundit known to man. He just said ‘that’s what he’s in the team for’ about Hendo, who has scored 3 goals in 72 appearances for England😭

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Henry Winter You could put Martin Keown and Dion Dublin on stools in the center circle while the game was being played and they wouldn't be able to give us a modicum of tactical insight. It would just be more 'he's got to score from there'. Hardly justifying the carbon footprint is it.

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Has anyone ever enjoyed Martin Keown's commentary? Has he ever not made a game worse by his presence? Fuck benefits cheats, fuck Boris, no-one is taking the piss on taxpayer money more than him.

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