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The SNP This man is a poor example of a leading Scottish MP at Westminster! At least Ian Blackford had so charisma and โ€œgoโ€ about him.

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We need to boot her out at the next elections and get a FM who upholds democracy and represents Scotland better. She has become more of an embarassment than Ian Blackford at Westminster! And she is damaging Scotland.

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This is just outstanding!

Have you noticed that there is NO heckling whatsoever when he speaks, unlike the heckling & ridicule when Ian Blackford spoke in the chamber.

Look at their faces. He is getting under their skin & is really fit for them.

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'Is it any wonder that people in Scotland consider the Tory Party to be a parcel of rogues'

SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn MP challenges Rishi Sunak on the sleaze scandal engulfing the Tory government, while families suffer a Tory cost of living crisis