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Grant Shapps warns Truss that Tory MPs won't 'sit on their hands' when it comes to getting rid of her if things don't improve. Times Radio

'I don't think MPs, if they see the polls continue as they are, are going to sit on their hands. A way would be found to make that change.'

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To Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP - If the Tory traitors succeed in bringing Truss down, The members will desert in droves and Conservatives will never win an election again until they have retired. The narcissism of the recently demoted will probably stop you even recognising this.

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Grant Shapps on Sky News tells us to give the government the benefit of the doubt and that everyone makes a mistake. He probably forgot that BoE had to pay £65 billion and destroyed the mortgage market and accusations of insider trading by the chancellor.

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It's not unexpected that those Tories who lost a cabinet position in Liz's new government are making the most noise regarding the 5% tax cut. Grant Shapps and Michael Gove . They have scuppered the conference between them. That's politics for you.

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So it's now Gove and Badenoch against Braverman and Truss. Rees Mogg against Gove, Mordaunt against Truss. Nadine D. against everyone (except Boris of course) and Grant Shapps gives Truss exactly 10 days from now.

Anyone else?

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There comes a time in every Conservatives supporter's live when they've had enough of traitors.

Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP and Michael Gove - YOU HAVE NOW CROSSED THAT LINE.

Liz Truss

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Grant Shapps who doesn't even know his own name, and couldn't be arsed to get round negotiating table with Mick Lynch is hardly credible is he?

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So Grant Shapps is outwardly and openly already attacking LizTruss, thus demonstrating that the band of who ousted Boris are now already gunning for his successor. What’s the betting that at the back of it all is their grudge-bearing over Brexit?

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'Former Cabinet minister Grant - one of the ringleaders of the revolt on the 45p rate - suggested that @TrussLiz only has 10 days to 'turn around' her premiership.' From the Daily Mail!
Jake Berry MP isn't it about time the was removed from Grant Shapps?

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Time for that preening gurning halfwit Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP to have the whip withdrawn who is he to give the PM 10 days to shape up? These Remainers need a short sharp lesson in manners & loyalties. They serially don’t get the conceit of losing democratic votes. We don’t need them.

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Robert Peston This is Grant Shapps you're talking about. Why would you value anything he says now, when you consider the utter b*lls up he made whenever he was in cabinet, & his proven lack of honesty & integrity for his entire time in public life. But I suppose he knows alot about toxicity!

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🔥 Kemi Badenoch criticises her Cabinet colleague Suella Braverman for her ‘inflammatory’ suggestion that Tory critics like Michael Gove had staged a ‘coup’ over the top rate of income tax

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to get an idea of just how far out terrible this Government is Grant Shapps Michael Gove and yes Nadine Dorries now seem like the sane people left in the party

* for the record they are still twats too

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Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP A lot of Tory voters are fed up with backstabbing, traitorous Tory MPs. They’re to blame for the current situation. You included.