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It’s Abbey being the first person to realize who Bartise really is on the (second to) last episode like hello

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BREAKING: This morning cops woke Pastor Derek up banging on his door and threatening to issue a warrant for his arrest for Derek's recent involvement in peacefully protesting all-age drag shows for children.

Help spread awareness.

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Pastor Derek Reiner was assaulted, knocked to the floor for interrupting drag queen story time. He was later arrested at his home, Trudeau is imprisoning Christians and pastors. Nothing was done to the people that assaulted him.

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Calgary pastor Derek Reimer was thrown out of an all-ages drag story hour hosted by the Calgary Public Library. He was there protesting against exposing kids to drag queens.

Mayor Jyoti Gondek is trying to criminalize protests against these events. 😡👇

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The legend of the loveliest AND strongest squire begins———!

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