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Why the media should see any promise Starmer makes about Brexit for what it is - preposterous posturing. Me for Coffee House…

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Richard Bentall #FBPE #FBPA Woke and proud! The Labour Party Sorry, no. Opposition is opposition

The long game is up

I will in extremis have to vote Tory at the next GE if no one will oppose Brexit

A Labour Brexit is indistinguishable from a Tory one

Keir Starmer is killing my children's futures

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The Lib Dems are now mounting a double attack on the Tories. Not only in the blue wall seats, but back in the celtic fringe as well. This significantly increases the number of winnable seats they have.

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There is nothing like a strike to reveal people's true colours.

Labour's Lammy 'categorically' doesn't support GMB and RMT members demanding pay rises to match inflation.

Lib Dems' Wilson wants to use troops to break strikes.

We won't forget how they abandoned working people

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WATCH: Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP🔶🇺🇦 on BBC The Sunday Show.

It is astonishing to hear Patrick Harvie, a Green Party leader, say they would fight an election on fixated a singular issue that isn't the climate emergency.

If they won't campaign on the climate emergency, Scottish Lib Dems will.

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New YouGov poll out shows the Lib Dems are favourites to win in Hitchin and Harpenden. But it will be a hard fight, so please sign up to join my team and help me defeat the Tories here.…

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🥀 Keir Starmer is again confirming he’s backing a hard Brexit - which Scotland overwhelmingly voted against.

📉 Now our people, businesses and communities are paying a heavy price.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Let’s choose a better, fairer, European future:

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Boris Johnson’s botched trade deal with Europe has sold farmers, small businesses, fishing communities, scientists, musicians and so many more down the river.

That’s why Liberal Democrats voted against it in Parliament in December 2020. (1/6)

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New YouGov MRP: Tories set to lose 26 of their 64 their Con-Lib Dem battleground seats, including Dominic Raab and Jeremy Hunt's constituencies…

New YouGov MRP: Tories set to lose 26 of their 64 their Con-Lib Dem battleground seats, including Dominic Raab and Jeremy Hunt's constituencies…
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While the Tory propaganda machine desperately tries to slate Starmer and Rayner, they ignore the Lib Dems, who have screwed the Tories in recent by elections and will likely win 26 true blue seats in the next election.
Clueless Tory fuckwits. Long may it continue.

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Of course, Starmer vacating some of the Europhile ground to the Lib Dems helps them, and therefore in a roundabout kind of way helps him too.

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Labour would do a deal with the devil to get into No10. Any denials they would do a deal with the likes of the SNP is absolute nonsense.

If it was a hung Parliament in the next election, we’d have a Labour government, propped up by the greens, the Lib Dems and the SNP. Chaos.

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Quite. Not sure why we’re supposed to believe any word Starmer says on Brexit. He ran on a clear leadership platform of bringing back freedom of movement. And this latest pledge is even before any potential bartering with the Lib Dems and SNP over confidence and supply etc

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Absolutely disgusting comments from Munira Wilson MP 🇺🇦 The Liberal Democrats seem to have abandoned being both Liberal and Democratic and wish to be even more Victorian and draconian than the Tories!

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A second independence referendum must be refused even if the SNP secures a majority of votes at the next general election, the leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats has claimed…

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Lib Dems refuse to rule out a coalition with the Tories if they were to remove Boris Johnson.

They’d do it all again folks. Any socialist worth their salt wouldn’t go within a 100 miles of them.