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Sims 3 is just *that game*. I played like 6 hours yesterday and I've played another 6 hours today and I'm just not tired of it. There is *so much* to do it's crazy

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Happy 4th of July America! Hope you are celebrating with family and friends - have a wonderful holiday!! Fireworks optional but recommended. 😀👍🇺🇸

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Get those reserves in
There's an FAQ on the site if you have questions

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Yup I was so happy to play Sims 3 for 10 hours straight on 4th of July LMFAOOOO😩💕 it was such a treat; and I am STILL discovering new features after 12 years of playing Sims 3. I would play Sims 3 24/7 if it wasn’t for Tekken /.\ ♡

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For Americans its 4th of july 🇺🇸
For Candians its Canada Day 🇨🇦
For Indians its INDEPENDENCE DAY🇮🇳

Happy Independence Day everyone ❤️

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The Field of Dreams game is one of the few things the MLB does right. The execution of that game the past two years has been absolutely perfect. Impossible to watch or see clips and not feel happy inside. But should this game be on the 4th of July? Or would that ruin it

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happy 4th of july twitter, never knew that, should they somehow win promotions, should step down and let a new team in