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Twitter for iPhone : Lets have a criminal investigation with access to bank accounts so we can get to the bottom of MPs and Lords who have benefited financially from the VIP lane. theguardian.com/politics/2022/…

Twitter for iPhone : Frustratingly for the ⁦Metropolitan Police⁩ no evidence has ever come forward about the parties.

Apart from the admissions and apologies, emails and offers of sworn testimony of course.
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Twitter for iPhone : Kier Starmer was Director of Public Prosecutions. Did he preside over a culture of boozing and lying while he was there ? Didn’t think so.

Boris Johnson has been sacked from every job for lying and is still under investigation for lying and shagging as Mayor.

Twitter for iPhone : There were no work events.

The rules were you could mix outside with one other from another household.

This was a party - his wife and her friends were there drinking gin and tonic. There were tables of food.

Do you think we’re stupid?

Twitter for iPhone : Operation Save Big Dog and Red Meat policy announcements are crass. If they wanted to shift policy why aren’t they focussed on fuel poverty and the cost of living crisis?

Answer - they don’t care or understand about our lives.

Twitter for iPhone : The public aren’t stupid they can tell the difference between a dozen parties, police investigations, civil service inquiries, apologising to the Queen, wine time Friday and a beer with a curry during a by election. lbc.co.uk/radio/presente…

Twitter for iPhone : Lot of chat about nuance about drinks at work. Up until late Summer desks in my office were separated with plastic screens and hazard tape. Only two allowed in meeting rooms with masks worn when moving around the office. There was no wine.

Twitter for iPhone : Nadhim Zahawi’s defence of Boris Johnson implicitly fails to take into account the other 17 parties, the speeches, the tone and the illegal commuting at a time when you were only allowed to meet one other person outside.

Twitter for iPhone : Here’s my contribution to the debate on the future of the BBC - Boris Johnson should take responsibility for breaking the rules and stop hiding behind crap.