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Bio An extension to Ethereum that provides scalability & a funding source for public goods. Check out the experience for yourself: https://t.co/PHVmS0cxIY
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Twitter Web App : RPGF Nominations are now closed
🗳️Voting will begin now and end Nov 1🗳️

Track how badgeholders are voting here:

Track badgeholder discussions here:

Twitter Web App : retroPGF alert: We got so many nominations that we broke the quadraticvote.co. We're confirming a fix, but we've decided to open up nominations for 24 hours while we get everything working. This is your LAST chance to nominate. Go fund public goods!

Twitter Web App : Optimistic Kovan was successfully upgraded to our new EVM-equivalent architecture last week. If you want a taste of the goodness before mainnet goes live, Kwenta's trading competition is the perfect way to try it out--blazing fast!

Twitter Web App : Open source funding *is* broken. We have a chance to fix that. Go nominate an underfunded project for the first $1,000,000 retroPGF round. medium.com/ethereum-optim…

Twitter Web App : 24 people will use quadratic voting to give away $1 million to fund public goods.

Anything which can help solve collection action problems / defeat the tragedy of the commons is a huge win for humanity, so it's great to see this kind of experimentation

Twitter Web App : hindsight is 20/20

...which is why retroactive public goods funding makes sense

wallet connect

it's all so obvious in hindsight

h/t Optimism for their first RetroPG experiment with RetroDAO

(nominations are still open)