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Twitter for Android : Exactly. I have no idea what the thinking is here?
Absolutely nothing has changed, we don't have a broad spectrum vaccine, most don't have 90%+ vaccine or mask compliance, most haven't made infrastructure investments, they're are every bit as vulnerable as they ever were😖

Twitter for Android : As the gender critical movement becomes more overtly extreme, and abandons all public pretence of having legitimate concerns, increasingly, the very few trans people who supported the leopard face eating party are having to ask the leopards to stop eating their faces.

Twitter for iPhone : Wild that NYT and our electeds insinuate that more police & subway sweeps are helpful while noting there were 6 police in the station including 2 cops on the same platform as the crime. No mention of platform barriers or improving social services. RIP Michelle Go, so sad.

Twitter for iPhone : Australia continues separating couples & families for seemingly arbitrary reasons. My mate has been with her partner seven years. They are registered as defacto in Australia. He has been turned down 11 times by this government. They have seen each other once in almost 2 years.

Twitter for Android : Scott Morrison, absolutely annihilated in just 44 seconds.

This is a must watch.

Twitter Web App : This is a great question – here's my take informed by two years of pandemic policy experience:

please order the tests, even if you can comfortably afford to purchase them. why? if participation isn't high they'll use that as a rationale for never doing anything like this again

TweetDeck : looking much healthier in Sydney today, looks like almost all Priceline Pharmacy have them in stock, 5 for $75. Must be those Qantas air charters finally arriving.…

Twitter Web App : And I get that it's very easy to forget that poverty doesn't just affect people on Centrelink when you're a person with the skills to manage to successfully access and remain inside those systems

TweetDeck : Was hoping after last week's wastewater data dump (i am sorry) that the province would begin providing that information daily.

They aren't, and you can see how it makes it difficult to discern meaningful trendlines at the moment.

Twitter Web App : So... 'militant unions' are demanding safe working environments for employees so instead the government goes and subsidises foreign labour so they can pay them less.

This government really is a stain on humanity.