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Twitter for iPhone : Let us all show life so that the day we stay silent and stay at home, our silence shall be deafening! For now, we are turning Ala Igbo into a graveyard.

Twitter for iPhone : Believe me, Sit At Home & passive attitude to politics look defeatist! Let’s start showing power, life, hope, vivacity! Let our markets bustle, let our children study, let our chosen politicians win! We will make more noise with the din of fed men, happy women and jubilant kids.

Twitter for iPhone : leadership was more concerned about Prince Philip’s request for more funding for Royal Horses than the kwashiorkor stricken Biafran kids.

We must look inwards for our survival. It is only when we start showing prospects of success that we may attract the help we seek and need.

Twitter for iPhone : want a change to it? In fact, a country like Israel is looking for anyone that could buy its spyware. It is just interested in the money. If we can’t tell these countries how Biafra would be of benefit to them, they will still maintain their 1967-1970 stance where the British

Twitter for iPhone : D. IPOB should shed all wishful thinking of attracting foreign sympathy simply by being mentioned by Stephanie Busari in some CNN report. Foreign powers like USA, UK, France and Israel are not threatened by Buhari’s regime or the current Nigerian State, so why would they

Twitter for iPhone : powers to rig themselves into positions. Those elected ones will be beholden to the people & will act accordingly knowing that there’d be consequences to their legacies if they acted otherwise. Those leaders could start realizing, at least, the Biafran socio-economic objectives.

Twitter for iPhone : Houses with more of Michael Okparas, Samuel Mbakwes, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwus, Akanu Ibiams, Mbonu Ojikes and the likes and not these disabled lots parading themselves as leaders of Igbo stock.

With full participation of Igbo youths in elections, it’s be hard for unwanted

Twitter for iPhone : SE whilst biding its time for the realization of its ultimate ambition. How so?

I. IPOB should encourage participation in elections but they could endorse candidates that represent the Igbo cause. This way, they can fill our national & state legislative positions & Government

Twitter for iPhone : A. Immediately cease these weekly Sit At Home orders.

B. Refocus its energy into engaging in, with the available funds, social projects that would endear them to every Igbo man.

C. Utilize their political capital well by establishing itself as the political leader of the

Twitter for iPhone : of sunny & joyous times. They’re instilling fear instead of hope! Bringing nightmares instead of dreams! Not everyone enjoys horror stories but everyone enjoys laughter. IPOB is making people cringe & not crave for the prospect of Biafra.

What other strategies could IPOB adopt?

Twitter for iPhone : make change appealing. People don’t like change naturally. You have to gloss it but IPOB is showing people a glimpse into a sunless future rather than one with a rising sun. By making people sit at home, bored and angry - they are painting a picture of dreary, rainy days instead

Twitter for iPhone : The people provided David with intelligence and always sent Saul on a wild goose chase. Once the people are behind you, you will succeed. Once they are disenchanted with you, you will fail.

6. IPOB is proposing change. Change is hard. You have to seduce the people. You have to

Twitter for iPhone : would have been caught by Saul but because he was a man of the people, he was always protected. Even priests broke rules of the Temple and gave him bread meant for the Temple. They even kept his weapons, prayed for him to defeat the King they served and ordained.

Twitter for iPhone : that will give you food, water, shelter, intelligence and even protect you when security agents prowl about to look for you!

5. Learn from history! It is simple. The Bolsheviks didn’t succeed until they rallied the Russian population to their cause. King David in the Bible