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Twitter for Android : As if this week hadn't already been dispiriting, hope-crushing, & humiliating enough, they at now playing Boyz (boys?) 2 Men on the radio at the hairdressers. Appropriately enough 'The End of the Road'. 'Salt in wound' via boy-band.

Twitter for Android : When people are lauded upon their passing it is *super* important we remember who they were in life. James Anderton regarded my queer comrades and I as scum. To him, queer people were less than human. RIP all whom he despised.

Twitter for iPhone : This is why I believe contextual university admissions are fair and proper. Prior attainment alone does not cut it.

Twitter Web App : People often assume that capitalism is defined by 'markets and trade'. But markets and trade existed for thousands of years before capitalism. Capitalism is only 500 years old. So what is distinctive about this economic system? Three things (well, more, but three for now):

Twitter for Android : Anyone good with ceramic stamps/designs recognise this? I use it for painting but it was my grandad's and I am always curious about it. Not had much luck reverse image searching etc. Stamp is a bit blurred/hard to read. pic.twitter.com/7pGWS2YRRs tamp

Twitter for iPhone : Aside from the fact the Tories lost nearly 500 losses overall, in the north Labour took Cumberland, Kirklees, & Rossendale; held Wakefield and bellwether Bury. The Tories also had their majority slashed in N Yorkshire and lost their leader to the Greens and LDs in Trafford