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nay❣️(@fineassnayyyy) 's Twitter Profile Photo

idc how long we’ve been friends.. if i feel like u weird when it comes to me, i’ll stop messing withu ..times means nothing. i’ve had friends 5+ years show me that they weren’t really my friend. i don’t have to surround myself with nobody if ion feel like they’re genuinely for me

five ✰(@Jadafreakingrae) 's Twitter Profile Photo

i love friends that will let you talk about a situation over and over and over. not even because u keep making bad decisions but because you’re just not over it yet.

shang🉐(@TeriaaBee) 's Twitter Profile Photo

It's weird to me how ppl don't believe you're a loner just because you're pretty ...I don't entertain just anyone, I'm not friends with just anyone, and not everyone cares about my well being. Of course I keep to myself. I'm available to those who actually have my best interest.

braylonnn(@braylon125) 's Twitter Profile Photo

putting your pride aside is sooooo attractive .. you miss me? okay here i come 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂