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Bio Independent charity for people affected by crime in England and Wales. We monitor Twitter in office hours only. Free 24/7 Supportline: 08 08 16 89 111.
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Hootsuite Inc. : Talking to someone else about your experience of crime can help you to move forward. My Support Space is an online support resource with interactive guides to help you start those tricky conversations.
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Hootsuite Inc. : If you've experienced a crime or traumatic incident, you can get our support. You don't have to have reported the crime to the police to get our help.
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Supportline 08 08 16 89 111
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Hootsuite Inc. : After losing her grandad to murder, Rachael swam 5.25 miles in his memory, while fundraising for . An enormous congratulations and a huge thank you for being part of and fundraising for us.
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Hootsuite Inc. : Violence against women and girls is an epidemic and it’s deeply distressing that women continue to fear for their safety. For anyone that has been affected, we’re here to provide help and support.

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Supportline: 0808 16 89 111

Hootsuite Inc. : On , it's important to remember that you should be able to love whoever you want to openly, without hate, shame or stigma. If you've experienced hate for being bi, we are here to support you.
Supportline 08 08 16 89 111
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Hootsuite Inc. : Have you heard about My Support Space? It's our free online support resource for people who have experienced crime, or those supporting them. Work through interactive guides, keep a diary, and access resources at your own pace 👇

Hootsuite Inc. : Talking to children can be tricky at the best of times. When talking about crime it can be even more difficult. My Support Space is our online support resource to help you start those conversations and to move forward from your experience of crime 👉

Hootsuite Inc. : Supporting someone else after crime can be quite difficult. It's hard to find the time to look after yourself, but My Support Space has guides that help you to prioritise looking after your own wellbeing.
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Hootsuite Inc. : It's important to be able to spot the signs of abuse. Thanks to Covid-19 Support Fund, our My Support Space guides are available to supporters of survivors of .
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Hootsuite Inc. : Looking for your next rewarding role managing for a ?
We're looking for a Digital Engagement Officer to join our team. Responsibilities include maintaining and developing our social media channels and websites.
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Hootsuite Inc. : You might experience some difficult emotions while moving forward from crime. It can be tricky managing how you're feeling in a positive way. My Support Space has guides you can work through to manage your feelings.
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