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Twitter Web App : I think Dr Satoshi Akima is correct that Ventilation+ is better framing than Vaccination+
- will continue to be new variants
- even 'mild' illness in vaccinated people can lead to LongCOVID
- waning immunity
- most people have not had 3 doses yet 9/


Twitter Web App : Spread the message far and wide, please

First they told you it was a one off infection

Then for reinfections Tcells prevented 99% from severe outcomes

Now it's shown to be only 61% protective against death for reinfection

And reinfection every 16 months by analyses

Twitter Web App : BA.2 looks to be growing in the UK, so SGTF is falling again. If it sweeps, that will be a five-in-a-row run of the virus switching SGTF on and off in successive sweeps ✅❌✅❌✅.

The virus is trolling whole-genome sequencing.

Twitter for Android : My colleague spent an hour consoling the child of a COVID patient who was intubated that it wasn't their fault their parent got sick. Family was careful and known to be. Kid caught COVID at school. So please tell me how in-person school atm is better for children.

Twitter Web App : 'Doctors have discovered an “antibody signature” that can help identify patients most at risk of developing long Covid, a condition where debilitating symptoms of the disease can persist for many months.'

Twitter Web App : 'Until the very moment when catastrophe overtook everything and everybody, it was covered up not by realities but by the highly efficient talk and double-talk of nearly all official representatives who...explained away unpleasant facts and justified concerns.'

— Hannah Arendt

Twitter Web App : German Omicron update 2022-01-25

* More daily BA.2 cases (5%, 8k) than Delta (2-3%, 4-5k).

* Highest BA.2 proportion in Berlin (~30%).

* BA.2 growth advantage over Delta ~20% per day; BA.1 ~15% faster than Delta per day.

Twitter Web App : Fact #3. COVID spreads through the air in crowded indoor settings. This includes schools!

The good news?
😷Masks reduce spread
🔖Mask policies help us mask together, most effectively
💪Strong policy studies support this
❤️Policies protect all (more equitably)