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Bio TinyGo - a Go compiler for small places. Targeting microcontrollers and WebAssembly (wasm/wasi).
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Planet Earth, Sol, Milky Way : Technologist for hire, open source software developer, businessperson, author, speaker, iconoclast. @TinyGolang @gobotio @gocvio @hybrid_group (he/him)

Planet Earth : Go, Robot, Go! Golang framework for IoT, robots, and drones with support for 35 different hardware platforms.

Go package for OpenCV 4+ with support for hardware acceleration using CUDA or OpenVINO.

San Jose, CA : Visit the website at https://t.co/akeoAryuAs 📡 News for Go Hackers #golang #jobs #videos Kinder than reddit, happier than hacker news. By @kennygrant

Tampa, Florida : Army Vet who codes Go, Rust, Linux, WASM open source at @azure Twitch: bketelsen YouTube: bketelsen

Sweden : I love Go and want to create something that can help everybody. Creative people can both create and buy useful creations made in Go.

Sant Francesc, CA : 🏳️‍🌈 immigrant he/him #BlackLivesMatter #StopAsianHate 🍎☁️ Developer Experience for @Apple Cloud Services

Earth : #golang performance, runtime, concurrency. Talks, blogposts and open source projects for #gophers (DM or @oleg_kovalov). Not affiliated with @golang team.

Posting #Golang jobs since 2014. Submit your job at https://t.co/2LedGkF6yq if your company are looking for #Gophers. Created by @EdlinOrg.

Auto-retweeting cool Go stuff from accounts I’m following. Propose accounts to follow in DM.

👋🏻Working with the best Gophers 👩🏻‍💻helping secure rolrs in leading start-up & scale-up firms in UK, Germany & USA 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇩🇪| 11 years experience 🚀

London, UK : Building things at @Grafana • https://t.co/dXfbIPOBOt • Indoor enthusiast • Comedy • Music • @GoTimeFM • https://t.co/O21mwMMGUt • he/him

The world's largest hardware and software developer network with 1.9M+ members and 30K+ open source projects.

Texas, USA : Freelance Creative Developer - “One of the greatest pleasures in life is doing what other people say you can't.”

Germany : Fixer of broken toys, software developer: #woodglue #golang #javascript #racketlang

Santa Monica : Dreamer of simple times where C64 reigned absolute and 6502 asm was all the rage. Personal account with personal views. For work related, see: https://linkedi

Cloud 9 : Golang x javaScript developer| Sometimes I write | I am Nobody. Nobody's perfect. Therefore I am perfect

Mobile engineer at Majoo | Remote Worker 🏝| Dart and Swift only | Former Mechanical Engineer | Jakarta

I'm learning and want to get into Open-Source, Web Development and DevOps to put my skills into good use and a rookie Gopher.