Zionist 💙🇮🇱 #ReinstateDuchessOfDalston 💙 (@TaraZehut1981 )

Zionist 💙🇮🇱 #ReinstateDuchessOfDalston 💙

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Twitter for iPhone : Deeply grateful to light the seventh candle of Hanukkah tonight at the Western Wall. As the Hanukkah song goes, we come to banish the darkness,ׁ and together, we shine a bright light. Hanukkah sameach!

Twitter Web App : We’re celebrating the Jewish festival of Chanukah with a special light-up this eve. A bespoke design will show nine golden lights representing the candles of the menorah – the last of which will be lit for the final night this eve. We wish all our Jewish friends a

Twitter for iPad : Only rarely does the BBC apologise let alone sound sincere. They need to read Deborah Tannen on the power of apologies. An absent or insincere apology signals a failure of feeling causing more hurt and anger. Explanations aren’t a substitute.


Twitter for iPhone : Football chanting in Israel just cuts different

Twitter for iPhone : I’m angry about this not because I hate the BBC but because I love it. It needs to do SO much better here.

Video footage shows spitting and abuse but that’s ‘apparent’.

Journalists think they heard a slur (they did report plural but after I pointed that out they amended). 1/2