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Professional Photographer ,retoucher , digital artist , DM for rates limited TF available ,


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Really don’t understand some people , approach me for a photoshoot , I say that I would do it TF / collab and then get told β€œI don’t do that kind thing β€œ I am a photographer not anything else FFS

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Reece was a friend of my friends and was tragically murdered in the early hours of Saturday morning. Please could my followers RT. Much appreciated πŸ’™βš½οΈ

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Huge demand for this lecture after over a thousand attended it live.

β€˜Has Big Pharma Hijacked Evidence Based Medicine?’

Uncovering covid 19 vaccine data

Full link here

Watch, learn & share. We can overcome wilful blindness with the cold hard facts!

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So would the bigger picture of the Ronaldo interview just recently be to push for a move out of Manchester United ….. wow it worked , who would have guessed πŸ€”