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Twitter for iPhone : If you’re an OG with many $BTC on an old wallet, but no $ETH exposure, and you don’t trust having to KYC on an exchange for the transfer, I’d swap some using THORChain #RAISETHECAPS as a hedge!

Plus you can live off yield in the other side of the crypto world

Twitter Web App : 📢iOS THORWallet is here

The SUPER APP for cross-chain 👑

✅Native cross-chain swaps
✅LP Management
✅THORSynths trading (soon)
✅X-chain savings accounts (soon)
✅Borrowing/lending (soon)

All powered by $TGT

Download here👉

Twitter Web App : It is so fun participating in the development of Thorchain

Like this is cutting edge stuff and we're on the bleeding edge of cross-chain trading

The concept and use case is proven, we just need to continue executing and expanding the network

Bullish $RUNE

Twitter Web App : THORSwap roadmap for Q4 2021 and Q1 2022 has been released.

Started as an interface, evolving into the next level - cross-chain DEX aggregator protocol.

Builders are unstoppable towards the multi-chain future.