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Twitter for iPhone : Just bought a never heard recording of a Jimi Hendrix interview from Sept. 4, 1970, 14 days before he died at age 27. It was done the day of his 2nd to last concert in Berlin. It is on an old reel so I need to get it converted. Will be really cool to hear it for the first time.

Twitter for iPhone : People like Nicki Minaj who are ignorant fools and use their gigantic public platforms to spew idiocy and disinformation on topics they literally know nothing about to millions of people are really about as pathetic as it gets. We live in the stupidest timeline ever right now.

Twitter Web App : Former President Trump -- who tried to overthrow American democracy after losing his election by 7 million votes and incited a violent attack on the Capitol in a last-gasp effort to remain in power -- issues a statement on General Milley:

Twitter Web App : How can the Jan. 6 commission NOT call Trump to testify under oath...

How is this not criminal negligence? People died because of his inaction.


Twitter for iPhone : Call me crazy but I’d really like the government to explain (or at least have a coherent theory for) the Trump Org-Alfa Bank server connections before they start prosecuting the people who reported them to the FBI. Can we get just one coherent explanation? So far we have 0.

Twitter for iPhone : So John Durham wants to prosecute a lawyer who brought computer evidence of the Trump-Alfa Bank connection to the FBI for possibly not disclosing he was working for a client at the time, but Durham does not actually know whether Trump-Alfa info was false? Bizarre if true.