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Twitter Web App : Brexit Britain looking more and more like 1970s Britain: higher taxes, bigger state, higher inflation, less choice, more bureaucracy, rampant cronyism. But hey, at least we've got our freedom back.

Twitter for Android : 'Without stock there is no business'
Satyan Patel

'We..have to pull the plug..we haven't got drivers' Henry Bloxham

'Getting stock is an issue..can't get it before Christmas'
Vicki Brown

Other EU countries aren't having these issues - so why us?

Twitter for Android : With the lorry driver shortage leaving shelves bare, the supermarket is warning that prices are set to rise....…

Twitter for Android : It's striking that today we are emulating the very European economies we were most critical of - where creating employment meant creating huge extra burdens that outweighed than opportunities for an employer.

Twitter for Android : In 2015 Nigel Farage first argued that the UK should turn back refugee boats in the sea.

As a Government and Party we rejected it outright.

Today a Conservative Home Secretary is trying to implement exactly this.

That's how populism works.

(Interviewed by Victoria Derbyshire 2015)

Twitter for Android : Patel rewriting UK interpretation of maritime law to deliver Farages dogwhistle populist inhumane self-serving agenda.…

Twitter for Android : Without stating the obvious, it is actually obviously obvious, that we are going to have to become close to Europe again - eventually after much pain, finally in the end we will.…

Twitter for Android : It is striking that those trying to convince hard working Brits it's their patriotic duty to pay more tax are the same people that convinced many of them to support and oppose a fair Foreign Aid programme. Strange how these things work out hey 🤷

Twitter for Android : We Took Back Control to set Border controls. Now we know what that actually means, we won't set said border controls.

So what did we actually Take Back Control of? Meanwhile we are looking at empty shelves & rising prices in GB....hey ho.