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Bio Designer, coder, painter, analyst, writer, wazzock. #TheWeekInTory is about to become #TheDecadeInTory, and you'll absolutely hate it.
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Twitter for Android : Dear dense people, ranting incoherently at Jimmy Carr for calling you dense isn't helping your case

Twitter Web App : This should be all over the front pages. The government's terminating our right to protest, through amendments sneaked into the Police Bill at the last minute.
It's the biggest assault on democracy in 70+ years, and hardly anyone seems to know.
My column…

Twitter for iPhone : β€œYou’ve got no respect for other people” says aggressive, maskless fucknoggin, who needs to learn to show some respect to British people whilst he’s here in our country.

Twitter for Android : Alarm went off. I fell asleep again. Question I now need to answer

1. Do I tell my boss I'm late, or just assume he won't notice?

2. How do I blame my lateness on the dog?

3. The damage is done, so do I rush, or just lie in bed another half hour?

5. What happened to 4?